Human needs, however, are different.

To this end, every year we organize a number of seminars and meetings throughout the country. In this school year, for example. We will organize a series of seminars at numerous universities “- lists Wojciech Nitka, president zarządu.Czy it means that the Poles no longer be afraid of the popular design and accusations of” wieśniactwo “? “Words such as cepelia the museum is one of the more severe insults that are falling to the designers. This approach sin mainly architectural environment that is in love with the sterile architecture in which ‘ornament is a crime’. Human needs, however, are different. People need heat, beauty, back in solid values, including aesthetic.

This is reflected in a mass return to the familiar and rural. We see this in various areas of life but we think that in the architecture of this trend will grow “- explains Piotr Olszak. On the question whether the sea postawiliby highland hut, manufacture of wooden houses cause an allergic reaction. “Regardless of how we design the house will always be in the visible elements of the culture of the region, which is to be built. We will not design a highland cottage to Hawaii or Kashubian hut with a distinctive half-timbered walls in the Bieszczady Mountains “- Peter Olszak cuts. Wooden House Association also prefers regional construction, but is opposed to the issuance of i need help with my science homework permits to build houses on the highland Hel. “And such cases exist” – says Wojciech Nitka. According to the manufacturers of personal observation, for most customers, the wooden house is usually a second residence, designed for holidays and rest, but that does not mean that such projects can be noted in the definition of “holiday home”.

On the practical side, they log house performs the functions of home year-round. Contrary to appearances, the use of such material does not significantly reduce spending. The project will cost from 80 to 120 zlotys per square meter. Construction, in a developer with a stick costs between 1600 and 2600, respectively. “The house of wooden logs slightly more expensive than houses built of aerated concrete new methods, some or the insulated Styrofoam blocks that are far less durable than wood. While there are certainly cheaper than houses with walls three-layer, brick or stone, which in turn are more durable than wood, “- explains Piotr Olszak and immediately adds:” Sensitization yet that the building nice cost exactly the same as ugly, which is why it is worth the investment construction, for most of us to carry out the most important in my life in a way that will give us full satisfaction but also decorate Poland. ” See also: How is the implementation of a passive house in practice: What materials should be used to build, what to avoid? »At what price differences so you’ll need to prepare, reaching for the timber frame instead of bricks? “Several years ago there was a study done any,. Then came the wooden house, although it is better, costs less approx. 15%.

The cost of construction per square meter building, you can also compare two identical houses – one brick, the other wood. When, for example. Identical construction cost, wooden house, due to the thinner wall (approx. 18 cm external approx. 10 cm inner) will have an area of ​​approx. 10% greater, and thus the cost per square meter is approx.

10 % cheaper “- explains Wojciech Nitka. Wood frame houses, however, are unbeatable in another issue – the construction rate. With the ready project on your own four walls you have to wait about three months. In the case of construction of prefabricated time it is even shorter. “Healthy house natural wood as raw material with the ability to self-moisture, creates a unique and difficult to achieve in other technologies, microclimate inside the building. In countries where timber construction is widespread, statistical inhabitant of these houses live several years longer “- complements Wojciech Nitka.

One of the most serious concern that affects a person contemplating the construction of a wooden house is the durability of the material. “Houses built according to the requirements for the building materials and technology will be a constant for many years. They are among our member companies that provide guarantees even 100 years “- calms Wojciech Nitka. In many cases, the construction of 1 sqm. You can save up to 10 percent, and the realization of the investment is up to four times faster. No wonder that the wooden houses are most often associated with North America and Scandinavia also increasingly enrich our native landscape. Dangerous “toy” Small vehicles such as electric scooters or skateboards, from year to year are becoming more popular. There used to be a form of trivia, gadget, today became a daily sight in larger cities.

Few people realize, however, know how dangerous it can be the device in public traffic. Moving them is not practical because legally uregulowane.Większość most popular electric scooter accelerates to a speed of 25 km / h. It’s definitely more than normal walking can achieve, as well as many a cyclist. Common sense suggests, therefore, that we should move them along the bike path. Nothing could be further from the truth in the light of Polish regulacji.zobacz also clarify provisions in the end, which way should move segways and electric scooters “- While for many people the natural place for electric scooters is a bike path, such reasoning has no basis in legislation. Scooter bike after all, is not, and the use of the bike path for any other purpose threatens the mandate to 500 zł penalty. – indicates Adam Walas Smart President of the Foundation Law. – it’s hard to find a place for such vehicles on the sidewalks, because pose a threat to pedestrians. There is no doubt that in the current legislation is a gap that needs patching. – says ekspert.Hulajnoga pieszyJak as has already been indicated above, the current regulations do not specify how to qualify electric scooters.

In such a situation prevailing view, according to which the person traveling must be a means of transport such as walking to treat. This raises many practical problems and zagrożeń.Takie qualify causes the electric scooter can move as a rule only on the sidewalk. Only in the absence of the sidewalk or shoulder, or when use is not possible, you can enter the scooter bike path, keeping in mind the need to give up her seat rowerzystom.zobacz also: Can I fire an employee on sick leave? [2019] »Dangers of this interpretation also sees Adam Walas – bizarre in light of current regulations is that the status of the person traveling the scooter is closest to the status of a pedestrian, and so it is treated by the uniformed services. This may even lead to a shocking conclusion that nothing stands in the way, going to be under the influence of alcohol. If a pedestrian can move on the pavement in such a state, why not the person heading the electric scooter? – acknowledges the expert. Stop invest in housing / ** / (function (d, s, d) {var js = vtjs d.getElementsByTagName (s) [0]; if (d.getElementById (d)) return; js = d.createElement ( s); = id; js.src = “” vtjs.parentNode.insertBefore (js vtjs)} (document, “script”, “vt -sdk “)); / ** / This program every year indicates the services and products of the tourism industry, which represent the highest standards and ensure customers experience the highest level.

The unique combination of tradition and modernity makes Tychy brewery provides just such impressions. At first glance, you can see that there is something special: working continuously for nearly 400 years, focusing brewing enthusiasts around him, including entire families. It is a valuable monument of the era of industrialization, and one of the most modern breweries in the country and in Europe. During the tour of the brewery, the guests are taken on a journey through four centuries beer stories told in four languages, including Silesia, and learn about the brewing process from the ingredients to the hundreds rozlew.Spośród currently operating in Poland only a few breweries are able to serve its customers something more than beer. Meanwhile, the brewery in Tychy has for its guests a unique industrial tourism route, an interactive museum with an exhibition, regular special events, workshops and beer. It is this offer convinced Chapter of the Tourist Product of the Year Program 2019.W this year Tyskie Brewery Princes was already Industriada, Birofilów International Market, Night Visiting, theater shows ( “Little Theater”) and demonstrations of antique cars – Mustang Rally. By the end of the year still far away, and Tyskie Brewery preparing still a lot of opportunities to fall into a brewery and go on YOU.

See you soon! Data Protection Day established the Committee of Ministers of the Council of Europe. January 28 is the anniversary of the preparation of the Council of Europe Convention 108 of 1981. On the Protection of Individuals with regard to Automatic Processing of Personal Data. This convention is the oldest legal act on an international scale, which regulates issues related to the protection of personal data. As emphasized by the President of GSN Edith Bielak-Jomaa, last year was a “time of key changes in the regulations, in connection with the introduction RODO in Poland.” In her opinion, “the essence of these changes is the introduction of effective mechanisms to protect privacy, strengthening rights of citizens, and especially children’s rights, and to establish a strong guardian of these rights.” Bielak-Jomaa also noted that educating the public on the protection of personal data, you need to “take into account the contemporary digital” .See also: GSN check what Google is doing with the data users’ “We want this, we built a properly functioning system of data protection personal to each participant knew what his role is and what responsibility law, and may incur consequences for their actions, “- pointed. “Day of protection of personal data is an important opportunity for citizens to realize how important it is to protect our privacy and what is the value of our personal data in the modern world” – noted the President of UODO.zobacz also GSN: Facebook must respect RODO, but not on our statement profile »According to GSN, for seven months of operation RODO to the office received over 10 thousand. complaints, questions and requests. GSN by phone consultants conducted more than 14 thousand. conversations.

To celebrate Data Protection Day prize is awarded to them. Michael Serzycki, Inspector General of the protection of personal data third term. This award is a distinction for his contribution to education on the protection of personal data. This year’s winners were: b. Ombudsman Irena Lipowicz, Associate Professor at the University of Tilburg (Netherlands) PaulD Hert and the Center for Education and Information Technology of Computers in Warsaw. Here is an example of the scale of the phenomenon: Children’s Health Center borrowed last year 40 million zł. 66 million zł Lublin hospitals marshal’s office.

4 million zł facility in Wielkopolska. At least 70 million zł Pomeranian hospitals. We asked for the non-bank loans all provincial offices, all the governors and the Ministry of Health. So the founding bodies of hospitals. Only a small part of it was counted.

In turn, the loan companies hide behind the trade secret and the hospitals themselves do not want to brag about. Part of the offices directly admitted that she did not check the situation in their szpitalach.zobacz also NFZ rewards hospitals, where female children are given milk »You can not drop everything for those who lend. They just feel good market. – No two largest parabanków that lend money, big hospitals, day-to-day cease to exist. If those will want, they will direct the case to bailiffs and the whole health service is – tells us the director of a large hospital. The company, if the hospital does not pay them, they can take the money for treatment (guarantee is a contract with the National Health Fund) or the hospital land. – It happens that such a loan is secured even medical equipment in the hospital – says Rafał Janiszewski from the office that advises hospitals. The standard also guarantees are blank promissory notes. Loan companies keep debt in check facility.

State washes his hands, allowing directors to do what they want. The mechanism is simple: despite the often poor financial condition of hospitals and so the debt must be repaid. This is the guarantor of the state, which sooner or later pay (whether with money from the National Health Fund, whether through grants). Companies know this very well and earn interest income reaching up to several percent per year. The most profitable when the hospital does not pay on time – then come and mandatory penalties, extra cost, financial advice. Although margins are lower than a few years ago (when loans were the norm at 14 percent.), It is still the interest rate is on average two times higher than in banks, where it happens even on loan at 2-3 per cent., Which, with a few dozen million differences.

The worse the financial situation of the hospital, the higher the margin. According to our sources, in many cases, lending institutions take effective control over the hospitals. They deprive them of sovereignty, dictate the terms of their actions and decide on the disbursement of funds. First, the company takes a long hospital, eg. Same pay suppliers for drugs, medical equipment, and then engaged in debt collection.

The hospital has a lot of delays, rising interest and repayment measures are needed. Banks will not lend, for a company like the most. So it comes to a situation in which the hospital borrows to pay off the debt to the lending company …. Often the same. 5 million interest Another example is the situation in Grudziądz facility.

It started with bank loans for the expansion of the hospital. It ended on półmiliardowym debt. In addition to the obligations to suppliers, many of them are loan. As the result of NIK of the end of 2015., At each deterioration of the financial situation of the hospital he ever higher interest loans – even with a margin of 9.03 percent. Most often in order to pay off earlier. Effect? The financial costs of loans and credits increased from 7.2 million in 2011 zł.

Zł to 28.7 million in 2014. And because they do not pay on time, interest for late only in 2013-2014 cost him more than 5 million zł. Source: Official Legal Newspaper surety was among medical equipment. Also, the land on which they were building psychiatry, pulmonology, pharmacy laboratory. It is these lands were the guarantor of the loan in the amount of 150 million zł (partially contracted without a tender because, as explained executives, it is known that he would give only one company, so it was not dwell on what the competition). Lender were Grudziądz Medical Investments.

It was the company founded by the hospital management and the city, she lent money …

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